EMP Buzi holds Ceremony on Construction of DSP and Access Road to BD-1 and BD-2 Wells

EMP Buzi held a ceremony on the commencement of activities of construction and access road to BD-1 and BD-2 wells on Friday, March 27th, 2015 in the district of Buzi of Beira Province in Maputo. The ceremony was attended by District Administrator (regent) of Buzi, proxy of Empressa National de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH) as partner of Buzi, proxy of Instituto National de Petroleo (INP) as regulatory body of oil and gas in Mozambique and proxy of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Beira Province in Mozambique.

The ceremony was also attended by local leaders such as village heads and sub-district heads and local community leaders of Buzi. There have so far been positive impacts of EMP activities to Buzi.

DSP development is one of a series of activities of EMP Buzi to drill deep wells such as Buzi Deep (BD)-1 and BD-2 to find proven reserves of gas from Sena Formation that lies at the bottom of gas discoveries in Buzi-1 wells. The event was covered by Radio Buzi and national newspaper Noticias.

In an interview with reporters Regent of Buzi expressed his support to the activities of exploration by Buzi Hydrocarbons in search for hydrocarbons in Buzi district. The activity of Buzi Hdrocarbons always involves the local community and it can create jobs in any of activities. In the years 2012-2013 with 2D seismic activities of acquisition there had been an involvement of 400 people of local community in Buzi.  Also, the activities to develop DSP and access road to BD-1 and BD-2 wells and the activity of drilling would create a good opportunity for people of local community to be employed although it might be different from the previous seismic activity.

EMP activities in Buzi give a positive impact to the local people. Regent of Buzi expressed his gratitude for the compensation that has been given to local people for the plants that have been impacted by the activities to make access road to BD-1 and BD-2 wells and activity in location of DSP prior to the commencement of construction.

New Article would be published in Noticias newspaper of Mozambique on Monday, March 30, 2015, or the latest on March 31, 2015. (*)

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