EMP Gelam encourages Jambi’s youths to enter Creative Industry

Inadequate human resources both in term of quantity and quality will become the major obstacles in the development of creative industries in the country. Such major obstacles should become our common concerns because in reality the contribution of creative industries can be very significant to the growth of the national economy of Indonesia.

To that end it is important to give all the supports for the emergence of young entrepreneurs who have a strong and resilient basis of entrepreneurship in creating many business opportunities in the country amidst the currently tight competition in the world. Hopefully there will be more and more youths who are interested in getting involved in the creative industries in the country and hopefully they will eventually become agents of changes in the businesses of creative industries all over the country with their own objectivities.

In the village of Kebon IX of Sungai Gelam Sub district in Muaro Jambi Regency, for instance, apparently some technological advances have yet to be coupled with the presence of good quality of human resources. Human resources with good skills in technology have to be key factors in developing the creative industries of the country.

Based on the results of social mapping conducted in the year 2014 in the village there were social problems in location due to low employment. This was why the crime rate was high at the time. In that regard EMP Gelam together with a number of business people in creative industries in Jambi tried to give assistance by giving guidance to youths in the location and encouraging them to enter the creative industries.  The goal was that the youths in the village of Kebon IX could have high spirits with good skills in techniques of creative industries and eventually become entrepreneurs, in particular in digital printing.

With a simple technique in digital printing it is expected that such an activity of creative industry will be able to encourage the youths in the village to emerge as new wave of entrepreneurs in creative industries. The ability to manage resources and capability in production and marketing are significant factors to create good qualities of human resources and this all can eventually create an independent society in future.

Training on digital printing was held in the Office of the Village of Kebon IX on 18-19 March 2015 and participated by 24 young people.  The instructor of training was Darmawansyah Putra of BajuKaosKamu.net.

On the first day the participants were briefed about some aspects and principles of entrepreneurship, tricks in creative industry, how to market the products of creative industry and tips to compete in the industry of digital printing. In the session the participants were encouraged to directly practice some basic techniques of image editing using the latest software of visual design.

On that occasion General Manager of EMP Gelam Eppy Gustiawan was present and he directly observed the process of training. Eppy Gustiawan advised the participants to maintain their entrepreneurial spirits and the spirits should not stop only in the forum of training. They should continue all the activities on a sustainable basis. “The progress and success will come from you yourselves, not from others,” said Eppy when giving them the spirits.

On the second day the participants continued to practice some techniques of image editing by using computers. Each participant tried to apply a printing technique on screen by using images that had previously been edited.

The participants also received material of course on how to analyze a business and marketing of T-shirts on digital printing in the city of Jambi. Expectantly with such knowledge and skill the participants would be able to find more opportunities on how to develop creative industries in Jambi. (*)


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