EMP Malacca Strait SA to plant 1100 mangrove seeds during Moslem gathering

“We cherish the environment!”, That’s the spirit of each worker EMP Malacca Strait SA together with others who flocked down to the beach to plant mangrove seeds around the well of MSJ-17 in Teluk Belitung of Merbau Subdistrict on Sunday, July 26, 2015.

The planting activities are part of the campaign on Planting One Million Mangrove Trees during the Moslem Gathering (Halal Bihalal) of EMP Malacca Strait SA under a theme “In the spirit of togetherness to continue working in modesty”. The mangrove planting is in coincidence with the World Mangrove Day that is always celebrated on 26th of July.

The activities were initiated by the Field Management and attended by about 90 employees from all divisions in the fields consisting of Division of Ops and Production, Division of Ops and Maintenance, Division of Ops and Support, Engineering, Security and Well Services. About a hundred workers of the companies and those of the partners were planting as many as 1,100 mangrove trees in coastal areas that have been critical because of seawater abrasion in Padang Island.

Coastal areas, especially in the northern part of Padang Island, have been encountering abrasion in a fairly quick process because the areas were directly faced to the waterway of Malacca Straits with pounding waves strong enough to erode the shorelines during the north-windy season. Mangrove planting is expected to prevent a more severe abrasion caused by the pounding waves that have eroded the land area of the Island. EMP Malacca Strait S.A. has started to plant trees including mangrove in Padang Island as well as along the coastal lines of Sumatra since the year 1990 and the target of planting is at one million trees. With the activities the total number of trees that have been planted reaches 856 608.

After planting the mangrove seeds, EMP employees and others continued the event with Moslem Social Gathering (Halal Bihalal) at Gazebo Melibur Plant. This event of gatherings of the field workers was modest but full of spirit, and was then filled with reciprocated rhyme competition among employees. The spirit of togetherness was deeply felt by all of the field workers of EMP Malacca Strait SA. The event was concluded with a lunch in togetherness by sitting on the grass of garden at Melibur plant. ***

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