In commemorating the 70th Independence Day: EMP Malacca Strait SA planted 1000 Mangrove seeds

EMP Malacca Strait SA (EMP MSSA) was planting 1,000 mangrove seeds when commemorating the 70th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia in Pantai Mengkapan of Sungai Apit Subdistrict in Siak Regency on Monday (Aug17) afternoon. More than 200 people attended the event, including the management of EMP MSSA, the village administration (Pemdes) of Mengkapan, NGOs and dozens of children, young people and local communities from the surroundings.

In his speech, Ops Area Manager of EMP MSSA Sutedja E Saputra said that the mangrove planting activity was in collaboration between EMP MSSA and local people of Mengkapan Village. The activity was part of the commitment of EMP to continually planting both land and sea plants.

Sutedja added, since the mid-1980s until now there have been almost 900,000 mangrove seeds planted in Pulau Padang. In the near future his company is targeting to plant 1 (one) million trees.

“We also hope that this mangrove ecotourism can help improve the local economy through the sale of souvenirs, food and beverages, as well as parking fees,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mengkapan Village Head Nawawi expressed his pride of the cooperation between the local people of Mengkapan and EMP MSSA to preserve the mangrove plants. He hoped that such a good cooperation can continue in the future.

Different from previous event of mangrove planting, this time EMP MSSA was to use a theme “We Love Planting Mangrove” and “Ecotourism Mangrove” for such the activity to cherish the environment. The local communities welcomed and enthusiastically participated in the company’s program.

In addition to  Operational Area Manager of EMP MSSA Sutedja E Saputra and village head of Mengkapan Nawawi, were also present Mengkapan’s Mangrove Group Chairman Masdar, dozens of workers of EMP MSSA, villagers of Mengkapan, a number of university students of UIN who were in field study and primary student of SDN 08 of Mengkapan.

The event was marked by the unveiling of plank named “Ecotourism Mangrove of Mengkapan Village” by Village Head of Mengkapan and Ops Area Manager of EMP MSSA Sutedja E Saputra. The event was followed by the installation of “Love Padlock of Mangrove”, fairy tales for children about “Love Mangroves”, quizzes and gifts as well as performance of Japin Dance with traditional music.

The event was then concluded with the planting of mangroves on the beach by the management and workers of EMP MSSA together with UIN’s students, students of SDN 08 of Mengkapan and villagers of Mengkapan. (*)


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