Youth, Health Center and EMP MSSA distribute 3500 Masks to Prevent ISPA

Haze due to current fires of forest and land in Riau has been in a state of alarming and detrimental to the communities. Not only bad for the environment, the haze can also cause a serious threat to the health of people.

To reduce the impact of air pollution to the health of local communities, the youth (Karang Taruna) and the local health center (Puskemas) of Merbau Subdistrict together with EMP MSSA were distributing 3,500 masks to people as well as pupils and students of Primary Schools and Vocational Schools in the capital of Merbau Subdistrict.

The masks were distributed on Saturday on September 5, 2015 from 07:30 am to 9:00 pm at the intersection of the Market and Seaport of Merbau Subdistrict. The masks were also distributed in several schools in the Subdistrict of Merbau such as for pupils and students of primary schools and SMKN 1 in the Subdistrict of Merbau.

This mask distribution was initiated by the Youth of Merbau Subdistrict and supported by Puskesmas of Merbau Subdistrict together with EMP MSSA. The masks were directly distributed by the committee members of Karang Taruna (Youth) of Merbau Subdistrict and the representatives from Puskesmas and EMP MSSA namely CSR & Comm Relations Coordinator Ade Abdurachman and CSR Officer Arip Hidayatuloh

On the occasion, Chairman of the Youth of Merbau Bustami thanked EMP MSSA and sub-district health center (Puskesmas) for their participation to help the local people of Merbau Subdistrict by distributing the masks to reduce the pollution impact of haze in the Subdistrict of Merbau. About 3,500 masks that were distributed to the people consisted of 500 masks as aid from the Youth (Karang Taruna) of Merbau, 2500 masks as aid from Puskesmas of Merbau Subdistrict, and 500 masks as aid from EMP MSSA (*)


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