ZAA 2015 again granted to BKB EMP and EMP Gelam

Zero Accident Award (ZAA) is an award from Indonesia Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) for the achievement of company in implementing the program on Work Health and Safety (K3). One indicator of achievement is Zero Accident at least within a period of three consecutive years. Under the Ministerial Decree of Manpower No. 358 2015 on the Determination of Company as Recipient for Zero Accident Award, EMP Bentu Ltd, EMP Korinci Baru Ltd, and EMP Gelam were again awarded the Zero Accident Awards. The awards were presented by Minister of Manpower M. Hanif Dhakiri on September 10, 2015 in Bidakara Hotel of South Jakarta.

At the event were also given awards to the Certification Agency for Safety and Health Management System (SMK3) and Work Safety and Health (K3) Counseling Units in various regions of Indonesia. In his speech M. Hanif Dhakiri called on every company to implement SMK3. Work Safety and Health (K3) is the basic right of workers, and every company must comply with it.

“Do not make K3 as a burden for the company because of the additional spending of cost added to the production costs. In fact K3 is directly proportional to the productivity of labor,” he said.

There are 956 companies that won ZAA but only a few of them were invited to receive the awards by Indonesia Minister of Manpower. New Korinci EMP Ltd is one of the companies that were invited directly by the Ministry to receive the award. On the occasion New Korinci EMP Ltd was represented by General Manager of EMP Bentu & New Korinci Ltd Lisdiyanto S.

Zero Accident Award could be obtained by the company because of the good cooperation and contribution of all parties starting from the top management to personnel in the field as frontline implementers of the company’s program on work safety and health. This achievement should be maintained and make it as our motivation to continue the efforts of K3 in workplace and also in everyday life.

In addition to deliver the awards of ZAA, the event was also used as a momentum of launching a program on “Safety Is My Life” by Indonesia Ministry of Manpower. The government expected the program of K3 can be implemented by all the people in Indonesia, not only in workplace but also in everyday life. (*)


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