EMP MSSA, Students join to plant Mangroves

As part of efforts to show its concern on the environment of the company’s operations, EMP MSSA in collaboration with a number of pupils and students in the Regency of Meranti Islands (IPMK2M) of Pekanbaru carried out the activities of planting 2000 mangrove seeds at Teluk Belitung in the Subdistrict of Merbau on Monday (Sep28, 2015). The event of planting activities was also attended by Subdistrict Head of Merbau, Village Head of Teluk Belitung, KNPI of Merbau, Merbau PP and students of high school (SMA1) and junior high school (SMP2) of Merbau.

In his opening speech the Subdistrict Head of Merbau, Wan Abdul Malik Spdi expressed his gratitude to EMP MSSA for the company’s commitment to the preservation of environment in the vicinity of its operations. “Despite the difficult economic conditions EMP MSSA is still trying to preserve the environment,” said Wan Abdul Malik in his opening speech during the opening ceremony of planting mangroves taking place in the Subdistrict Hall of Merbau Office Building.

In addition, the Subdistrict Head also felt proud of IPMK2M Pekanbaru, which is currently presided by Azman—the son of Merbau. The Subdistrict Head expected the environmental conservation program could continue in considering that the environmental conservation of mangroves at Teluk Belitung is somehow quite difficult.

In representing EMP MSSA management, CSR & Commrel Officer Arip Hidayatuloh said that every activity in difficult situation if carried out in togetherness, it will be easy. In making the efforts to conserve the environment, the cooperation between the local government of subdistrict, students, local communities and the company is aimed to create a better environment by reducing the abrasion of the Island and growing marine bio life.

After the opening the participants went directly to the planting site along the coastal lines in front of SMP 2 of Merbau adjacent to the location of MSJ-48 well. SHE Officer Iswardi was also present to represent EMP MSSA and to give a brief counseling to participants on how to appropriately plant the mangroves.

The mangrove planting activities took place on the seaside with the high spirit of participants, especially the young students who were willing to let their clothes dirty during the planting. The spirit was getting higher when Subdistrict Head of Merbau wearing his official uniform came to the spot and then planted the mangrove seeds directly in the location. (*)


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