Booth of EMP, PSC Riau and SKK Migas Won the first award at Riau Expo 2015

The exhibition booth of EMP, PSC Riau and SKK Migas of Sumbagut managed to win the first award for the category of Private Company at Riau Expo 2015. The award was received directly by the representative of the Special Work Unit on Oil and Gas (SKK Migas) of Sumbagut (Northern part of Sumatra) Syuib Hamid on Sunday, November 1st, 2015 in Pekanbaru.  At the booth of EMP were displayed various products made by the local enterprises under the company’s program of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during the exhibition held from October 26 through November 1 2015 in Pekanbaru. At the exhibition EMP displayed the CSR products of both EMP Bentu Ltd and EMP Malacca Strait SA.

EMP Bentu Ltd displayed the product of shredded meat of catfish in collaboration between CSR EMP and of Kelurahan Langgam in the regency of Pelalawan. There was also a display of honey of forest bees originating from the region.

EMP Malacca Strait SA displayed chocolate brownies made of sago, which is the flagship product of CSR from Pulau Padang in the Regency of Kepulauan Meranti.

In addition to displaying the products of CSR, the joint booth of SKK Migas and Riau PSC also displayed the process and activities of exploration and production of oil and gas. The display included the mockup of bobbing pumps, samples of drills, rock and various types of natural oil.

There were also various posters ranging from posters of exploration and production of oil and gas, CSR activities of Riau PSC, up to the posters of activities of oil and gas companies in Riau that have been actively involved in a big effort  to extinguish the forest and land fires in Riau Province.

There was also a poster depicting the natural gas produced by EMP Bentu and the Malacca Strait, of which the production is sold to Indonesia’s State-owned Power Company (PLN)’s power plants. In that way, the local people who used to use kerosene lamps can now enjoy the electricity in their region.

The visitors to the booth looked quite enthusiastic of looking at the CSR products of EMP on display. They asked about the process of making the products of shredded meat of catfish and the brownies made of sago.

Communication Manager of EMP Amru Mahali said the intention to display the processed-food products was to let the people of Riau know about the local enterprises that have so far been under the guidance of CSR program of EMP.

As an oil and gas company, EMP is not just focusing on finding and producing oil and gas in the country but also on the empowerment of local communities through its CSR program, he said.***


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