Operating Blocks

EMP’s business activities include the exploration, development and production of crude oil, natural gas and gas liquids.

EMP’s mission is to become the leading private energy company in Southeast Asia. For us, the leading company means generating exceptional returns for shareholders, materially growing reserves and production, being respected and being desired as an employer of choice. [Source: Schlumberger EMP study 2007]

EMP’s operations spread across the Indonesian archipelago and has recently expanded into the Mozambique, Africa. Throughout the year 2013, EMP produced 12,645 barrels of oil per day and 220 million cubic feet gas per day.

Most of the Company’s oil production come from the Malacca strait PSC (Riau, Sumatera) and the ONWJ PSC (West Java). EMP’s gas outputs are mostly derived from the Kangean PSC (East Java), Bentu PSC (Riau, Sumatera), and ONWJ PSC (West Java)

Despite growing its existing portfolio organically, EMP continually explores strategic acquisitions, dispositions and other business opportunities, some of which may be material.

EMP’s net aggregate production from its operations was 49,278 barrel of oil equivalent per day (oil & gas) in 2013, up from 38,335 barrel of oil equivalent per day (oil & gas) in 2012. EMP’s certified net 2P recoverable reserves was 230 million barrels equivalent at the end of December, 2013.

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