EMP Malacca Strait SA

EMP Malacca Strait SA is the pioneer of EMP’s community development programs. Since 2007, EMP MSSA has been conducted additional foods for babies and maternal pregnancy class. This health program has been approved to reduce maternity mortality and also the new-born babies.

Together with Pokja Karmelasi, Pokja Merbau and local governmental departments, EMP MSSA has developed flagship community development program that focusing on sago food processes and also rubber farming. Today, EMP MSSA knows as the first company that conducted sago cluster industries for its community development program. It has been approved by the government, that Meranti, the assisted are of EMP MSSA, is now the biggest and the most creative sago food processed production in Indonesia.

Edi, or known as Edi Brow, is one of the Pokja Merbau members that is regularly assisted and monitored by EMP MSSA. He is now becoming icon for sago processed products entrepreneurs of Kabupaten Meranti. The local government has trust Edi Brow as local representative in related exhibitions. EMP MSSA is also grab this opportunity for Edi to train other local community to increase the number of the sago-based product entrepreneurs as well as to encourage them to empower themselves for their prosperity.

For the rubber farming, EMP MSSA has been succeeded to assist some rubber farmers group in Siak, with Pak Ali and Pak Muhidin as the success story. They are able to practice the trained rubber farming facilitated by EMP MSSA and succeeded to increase their income and expands their lands. With their spirit for change and with the assist from EMP MSSA, Pak Ali and Pak Muhidin are now often giving training to the local farmers how to farm properly. They also let their land as a place of rubber study. Also with this spirit, EMP MSSA is also expect Kabupaten Siak to become one of the rubber seedling center, therefore, EMP MSSA establishes demonstration plot for rubber seedling pilot project and nursery training.

Other economic sector develop by EMP MSSA is Microfinance Institution or locally known as LKM. There now 2 (two) LKM, LKM Mandiri Sejahtera-01 in Kabupaten Meranti and LKM Mandiri Sejahtera-02 in Kabupaten Siak, established by EMP MSSA together with the local cooperation Koperasi Jasa Keuangan Syariah (KJKS) Mandiri Sejahtera. Since its establishment in 2008, LKM’s asset has reached almost Rp. 1 billion of asset. The establishment of LKM has facilitated the community to get easy access in business capital, and with the products development, LKM has also encourage the local community for savings. Saving in the financial institutions is a new habit that built by LKM, as before, the access to the financial institution is more difficult as the area is remote and the financial requests are not easy to be fulfilled.

As its first purpose of the establishment, funding request for the business capital in LKM is increased. The LKM has been approved as the trusted local financial institutions to give financial business capital and financial savings. This program is also highly supported by the local government.

Combining economic and health program, EMP MSSA has initiated AKURA (drinking water for the community). AKURA is a drinking water business runs by the local cooperation, Koperasi Wira Usaha Pokja (Kowipo), by using water osmosis method. The local community used to use the rainwater for drinking, and with AKURA, they realize that the processed water is more drinkable compare to the rainwater without processing, which they carelessly use the water container. Altough their awareness of the clean water has been increased; it is still need to be maintained. Therefore, EMP MSSA is also conducting health counseling in cooperating with the local health department.

In education sectors, EMP MSSA has initiated and assisted village libraries in Kabupaten Siak and Meranti. Bunsur Libary in Kabupaten Siak had also won the best library in Kabupaten Siak. The library able to encourage community’s reading interest, from the elementary schools students to highschool students as well as the housewives and the government officers. EMP MSSA has also facilitated the improvement of local schools facilities and infrastructures to support the education activities.

Community Learning Center (CLC) was initiated by EMP MSSA for the community computer course to prepare the community to face globalization era. The CLC is managed and ran by the community and is still assisted by EMP MSSA. CLC enthusiasts are varied, from the youth, housewives to the government officers. To touch the youth, EMP MSSA is also initiated community radio called “Radio Mutiara”. Managed and operated by the local youth community. They broadcast education program such as English learning and general knowledge. This radio is considered as an effective medium to learn and also giving the youth opportunity to open their knowledge of management especially the broadcasting management. Even some of the former announcers have been working in radio stations in Pekanbaru, where they get their higher education.

As the social concern to the indigenous, Akit Tribes, collaborating with the youth group and local religious leader or called as Ustadz, EMP MSSA initiated reading rooms and creative library for the Akit children to learn to read, to learn to cultivate medicinal plants, to develop their creativity and as their place to develop their skill in sports. A glimpse about Aki Tribes, they are known as nomads that have no permanent house and no formal education for their children. For that, EMP MSSA has built them permanent house and expect them to give them and their children proper life. This is also in line with government program of Proper Housing for People.

EMP MSSA also contributes in developing and renovating the infrastructures around the operating area, such as public road reconstruction, public jetty renovation, public bridge renovation and security post construction. This is to support community daily activities including business development, school and works. Community prosperity is the goal of EMP MSSA’s community development program.

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