EMP Bentu Limited

EMP Bentu’s community development flagship program is developing the fisheries industries from upstream to downstream. This is in accordance with the social mapping and community action plan involving the community. Furthermore, the demand on the fisheries in the EMP Bentu operation area is high, therefore the development of the fisheries industries is considered to be able to increase the community income to improve their welfare.

Together with Pokja Gema Aso Alam, the working group of the community to guard the community development program, EMP Bentu has developed shredded catfish (patin and gabus) and is starting to develop the existed fish farms to increase their production to fill the demand’s supply. One of the effort to increase the production is to facilitate the farmers for fish feed manufactured training. By producing the fish feed, farmers are expected to reduce the capital, increase the profit and accelerate the harvest.

EMP Bentu has also succeeded to cooperate with PNPM Mandiri for capacity bulding of the small businessess assisted by Company and Pokja Gema Aso Alam. Other small businesses assisted by EMP Bentu and Pokja Gema Aso Alam are Sialang Honey and Dodol Khasiat that can also be found in Pekanbaru as well as the shredded catfish.

For the health sector, EMP Bentu is also cooperating with the local health centers (puskesmas) for monthly baby’s additional food supplementary and pregnancy class. This health program is highly supported and appreciated by the Local Health Department and able to reduce the number of infant and maternal mortality.

For the community, EMP Bentu has also pay attention to schools around the operating area by helping them to re-construct the infrastructures such as toilet to increase the sanitations and its library for additional educated books. Healthy teeth campaign has also brought by Company to elementary schools in Langgam which has got enthusiasm and attention from the schools and children. Other company’s contributions are for infrastructures such as facilitation of clean water access and public roads renovations.

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