EMP Tonga

Has just started the community development program in 2012, EMP Tonga has set and run the flagship program in fisheries. This program is as the result of the social mapping by involving the community to its decision to choose the program theme. Fish pond farming techniques training to the fish farmers has been conducted for the upstream industry, while for the downstream industry; boneless fish processing training has also been conducted especially to the housewives. By facilitating the fisheries training, EMP Tonga expects the community in Kabupaten Gunung Tua, as its Ring 1 area, will be able to develop its flagship local products as their main business.

EMP Tonga is in the courtship for renovation of the public facilities, such as mosque, road and schools. Health program of additional food for babies and pregnancy maternal class is also in progress of the initial routine. Other program that will be conducted is facilitating local community to Cepu for oil and gas industry training and certification.

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