EMP Semberah

Rutai banana is one of the superior local bananas in East Kalimantan and has become the blueprint of EMP Semberah to develop flagship program. Focusing on banana based processed food, banana dodol under “Bandol” brand has been created as a unique gift from Samarinda. Bandol is produced by Ibu Rina, one of the EMP Semberah assisted entrepreneur who is a member of Pokja Gema Sambutan Mandiri. Bandol can now easily get in gift outlets in Samarinda.

Another EMP Semberah assisted bananas entrepreneurs who has just started to raise is Ibu Darna, under “Darna Cookies” label, Bu Darna has produced various bananas based cookies. However, her products are needed to be developed more so it could also have unique selling point as a gift from Samarinda.

Both Ibu Rina and Ibu Darna are now facilitated by EMP Semberah to become professional trainers for cooking and baking especially for banana-based food. They have trained housewives around their environments and the trainees feel they gain more knowledge and benefits from the training. The training will be set regularly and EMP Semberah expects there will be more people are encouraged to become entrepreneurs to increase their prosperity.

For the mainstream industry, EMP Semberah is also assisted the community to cultivate bananas, not only for rutai bananas, but also other bananas. This is to support the banana supplies for the downstream industries.  This can also lead Samarinda as the bananas cultivation center.

To support the financial capital, EMP Semberah initiated a Microfinance Institution (MFI). The MFI is opened for any small business scale to get financial loan for their business capital both for the new entrepreneurs of and for the one who needs additional financial capital. The MFI is an alternative for the community who feels uncomfortable when the conventional banking system. EMP Semberah is also support the community to increase their prosperity and to increase their business by contributing in infrastructure developments.

To increase the community prosperity, qualified human resources have to be established since their early age. Therefore, every once a month, together with the local health Center (Puskesmas), EMP Semberah is providing additional food for babies and pregnant mothers. On the other hand, EMP Semberah is also support regularly maternal pregnancy class to increase expectant mothers and fetus health. In the class, the mothers are also taught how to guard their pregnancy.

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