EMP Gelam

Various cooked boneless fish is one if the culinary that people can find in Warung Makan Pak Mahmud in Jambi. Pak Mahmud is a fish farmer that assisted by EMP Gelam. Under the assistances of EMP Gelam and Pokja Gema Sakawit Bathin Lestari, Pak Mahmud got acquainted with Jambi’s Local Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) and started to become a trainer in fish farming. Facilitated by EMP Gelam and the Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs, Pak Mahmud was trained to remove fish’s bones and spines to be cooked. This fisheries skill is combined with his cooking skill and has developed to become his larger business.

EMP Gelam realizes that the fisheries business developed by Pak Mahmud could create business opportunity for other people in community. Therefore, EMP Gelam is now empowering Pak Mahmud to become a trainer in fish farming and fish’s bones and spines removal. EMP Gelam assisted Pak Mahmud to extend his networking to North Sumatera by facilitate him as a trainer for the assisted community in EMP Tonga. Whilst for the EMP’s Gelam community development program, ponds fish farming has now become a flagship program for the community.

Rubber farming is also one of the potential in Jambi, therefore, EMP Gelam will facilitate training programs in grafting seeds and rubber tapping technique to meets rubber factory standard for rubber farmers. To support the small business scale for financial business capital, EMP Gelam will soon initiate a Microfinance Institution.

The health program conducts by EMP Gelam is repeating the success story of other EMP Business Unit program that focusing of mothers and babies by giving monthly additional food and the maternal pregnancy class. EMP Gelam is also contributing in helping the community to develop the local infrastructures.

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