Brief History

October 2001 Company established: EMP is known today as an active producer, developer and explorer of upstream oil and gas sector.
February 2003 Acquired RHI Corp (RHI), owner of Kondur Petroleum S.A. (Kondur), operator for the Malacca Strait PSC (production sharing contract) and carrying a 34.46% working interest.
February 2004 Acquired PT Imbang Tata Alam (ITA) carrying a 26.03% working interest in the Malacca Strait PSC. Kondur and ITA together hold a 60.49% working interest in the Malacca Strait PSC.
March 2004 Acquired Kalila Energy Ltd. (KEL) and Pan Asia Enterprise Ltd. (PAN) being direct owners of 100% of Lapindo Brantas Inc (Lapindo). Lapindo has a 50% working interest and is operator of the Brantas PSC.
June 2004 Listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange, code: ENRG.
August 2004 Acquired Energi Mega Pratama Inc. which in turn owned a 100% working interest in the Kangean PSC through EMP Exploration (Kangean) Ltd. and EMP Kangean Ltd. EMP Kangean Ltd is the operator of the PSC.
January 2006 Completed rights issue raising Rp 3.78 trillion to fund the purchase of assets of PT Tunas Harapan Perkasa (THP) including a Rp 832 billion to support working capital requirements.
January 2006 Acquired THP for a total consideration of US$ 308.6 million, owner of five separate PSCs via five wholly-owned subsidiaries. Total 2P oil and gas reserves acquired are 88 mmboe.
May 2007 Closed transaction with Mitsubishi corporation and Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. Ltd. to introduce them as strategic partner via a share subscription into EMP’s subsidiaries, Energi Mega Pratama Inc.. The closing of this deal resulted in Mitsubishi amp; JAPEX assuming in agregate an indirect 50% working interest in Kangean PSC. EMP still retains a 50% indirect interest in Kangean PSC and it receive US$ 360 million from the transaction.
July 2007 Deconsolidation of Lapindo Brantas Inc, Kalila Energy Limited, and Pan Asia Enterprise from EMP’s consolidated financial statements (in line with the Indonesian Accounting Standards).
March 2008 Converted a loan from Minarak Labuan Co. (L) Ltd’s (“MLC”) to Kalila Energy Limited ( “KEL” ) and Pan Asia Enterprise Limited (“PAN”) into shares in KEL and PAN by issuing new shares in KEL and PAN. KEL and PAN are the owners of Lapindo Brantas Inc. Consequently, ENRG’s stakes in KEL and PAN were diluted to 0.01 %.
April 2008 Acquired the Tonga PSC for US$ 11,800,000-. Tonga PSC is estimated to have up to 90 million barrels of Oil Equivalent in place. The block which is located in North Sumatera made discovery of 850 barrels of oil per day in Tonga – 1 well.
May 2009 Was awarded 2 new Coal Bed Methane Contracts ( Sangatta -2 and Tabulako ) in Kalimantan with the combined estimated resources of 1.5 trillion cubic feet of gas (signature bonus paid : US$ 2.5 million).
November 2009 EMP signed an agreement with Inpex Masela Ltd to acquire 10% participating interest in Masela PSC in the Arafura Sea, Indonesia. Masela PSC is certified to have over 18 trillion cubic feet of 2P gas reserves.
February 2010 EMP completed the 2nd Rights Issue, raising Rp 4.84 trillion (US$ 519 million) proceed. The rights proceed was used to partly repay the outstanding loan (US$ 250 million) and to secure the acquisition of 10% stake in Masela PSC from Inpex Masela Ltd. Post the loan repayment, ENRG’s consolidated Debt to Equity ratio improved from 3.2x (FYE 2009) to 0.5x (1Q 2010).
November 2010 EMP completed the financial closing of the 10% acquisition of Masela PSC from Inpex. Consequently, EMP nett 2P reserves increased by 138% to 531 million barrels equivalent.
December 2011 EMP’s 51% owned subsidiary acquired 36.72% stake in Offshore Nortwest Java (ONWJ) PSC from CNOOC for $212 millions ($2.4/BOE (2P)). EMP effectively owns 18.73% equity stake in ONWJ PSC. The acquisition increased EMP’s net 2P reserves by 10% to 586 millions barrels of oil equivalent.
December 22, 2011 Acquired 18.73% effective stake in ONWJ PSC for US$2.4/BOE (Net 2P reserve increase of 10% and net production increase of 72%).
May 22, 2012 Tonga PSC Block has commenced the first oil production at the rate of 500 barrel per day from Tonga-01 Oil Well.
May 29, 2012 EMP completed the financial closing of the 10% acquisition of Masela PSC from Inpex. Consequently, EMP nett 2P reserves increased by 138% to 531 million barrels equivalent.
April 19, 2013 ENRG required an additional 41% stake in Tonga PSC from PT Capitalinc Investment Tbk and PT Capital Petroline. Consequently, ENRG’s stake in Tonga PSC increases from previously 53.4375% to 94,2875%.
June 28, 2013 PT EMP Energi Indonesia, the subsidiary of PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk, has concluded the sale of its 10% participating interest in the Masela PSC.
November 2015 EMP secured the extension of the Gebang PSC block for another 20 years and owns 100% participating interest in the block.

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