Safety Health Environment Implementation

SHE not only raises the awareness and performance of our employees, but our contractors and neighbours as well. In 2009 we executed the following 6 SHE programmes: the SHE Management Tour, External Audit, Lifting and Rigging Immersion Programme, Contractor SHE Management System Performance, Emergency Response Drills including Oil Pollution Control, and Fitness to Work. Being able to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies saves lives. In 2009, EMP organized emergency response drills for operational areas, including training on oil spill at sea prevention. Internal SHE training courses throughout the year included First Aid, Fire Fighting for SMK Belitung students, Tally/Signal Man, CSMS, and JSA, and an external course was organized on explosives through BP MIGAS. EMP also held safety, health, and environment related counseling sessions for employees and community members during national safety month and to mark Environment Day 2009, and general SHE information is promoted through the KILAS magazine on twice a year and through monthly group meetings and daily safety talks.

Annual awards are presented to the Company divisions and employees with the highest participation in SHE activities, as well as to the best drivers and winners of SHE games. Awareness sessions on occupational health promotion, household chemical safety, body fat control, green living, and pollutant-control plants for homes were held in EMP’s Jakarta office. In 2009, SHE programmes were attended by 500 employees and 50 contractors.

The Company provides all employees with regular scheduled health check-ups and occupational health counseling. To maintain the physical fitness of employees, EMP provides sports facilities and fitness instructors. In 2009, 450 of our employees volunteered to donate blood to the Indonesian Red Cross as part of our annual blood drive initiative.

To better preserve the environment in which we live and work, EMP initiated a Go Green, Clean and Clear programme, and a re-greening programme which included seed cultivation at our nurseries and the planting 26,000 polybags of palm, sengon, and ketapang seedlings around our drilling sites and operational areas. In addition to mangrove planting, we also planted mango and rambutan trees, and used compost produced from our organic waste. Through bioremediation and phytoremediation initiatives, we reduced the levels of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (THP) to below 1%, in accordance with Decree No. 128 of 2003 of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, and lowered the levels of heavy metals in drilling mud.

The Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle programme drives the recycling of our used and waste oils, and encourages resourcefulness in the office. In 2009, 80 tonnes of oil were recovered and fed back into the operational process, and our employees got maximum value from office paper by printing and photocopying on both sides. Handy tips on SHE practices were printed on bookmarks and distributed throughout the Company.
Each year we nurture good relations with our neighbours through ongoing shared activities. In 2009, we enjoyed a community walk and aerobics sessions; the Company distributed cash crop seedlings to 2 NGOs, and we rolled out an environmental awareness programme for 800 students from 20 elementary, junior and high school at Merbau and Sungai Apit.

The implementation and management of SHE was evaluated for both compliance and proper fulfillment of the work contracts between the Company and its business partners. Following BP MIGAS PTK-13 protocol, EMP’s goods and services procurement processes were assessed during bidding pre-qualification.

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