Safety Health Environment Performance

Employee participation in SHE observation programmes increased 10% year on year, and employees continued to report identified hazards in a long-term company-wide effort to improve the Company’s working environment.

The Company reports zero fatalities, zero spills, and was above target in lost time incident performance. Four operational sites – Bentu Korinci, Gelam, Gebang, and Semberah – reported zero lost time incidents.

The SHE Management System was audited internally in April, and following external audits in August was awarded ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The Company was awarded Blue PROPER for 2009 from the Ministry of Environment for our Gebang, Semberah, and Malacca Straits operations.

Over time global and national benchmarks and definitions change as companies move towards sustainability and greater efficiency. In 2009, in accordance with the Government’s redefinition of waste water processing terms, EMP improved the management of its liquid waste, exhaust emissions, and solid waste streams through more efficient bioremediation, recycling of used lubricants and oils, and more stringent monitoring of emissions and water used in production processes.

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